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Our Facalities

Analytical And Fundamental Approach Towards Learning:-

At DEV TUTORIAL, we have a unique mentoring approach for fundamentals and logical learning through discussion oriented classes. We do not promote a typical “black board teaching” ambience in the classrooms, but learning through discussion which enhance the fundamentals of the students on each topic.
Thereby, students learn the logical application of the concept instead of cramming them.
This helps them in their relevant professional studies.

All Inclusive And Wide Range Of Study Materials:-

DEV TUTORIAL provides a comprehensive study materials of each subject for all classes of boards exams and specially designed study materials and test series for JEE (mains & advance) and MEDICAL (NEET& AIIMS).
The scope of study materials varies from school curriculum to complexities of different competitive exams. The materials elucidates through theoretical descriptions, subjective and objective type questions in order to give better understanding and future practice to attain expertise in each topic.

Our Classroom:-

Our classroom is fully Air conditioned number of students in each class to get an improved teacher student ratio which is now stands at 1:20. With this method teacher is able to maintain a direct eye to eye contact with students, leading to more attentive and responsive class-room session.

Our Supporting Staff:-

Experienced and committed faculties for the students support. The students are encouraged to come any time between 10.00 AM to 8:30 PM for any kind of difficulty related to the topic and students can post their problem on our website or in Whatsapp group. He/she would get their solution within an hour in term of audio/video or in written by our Experienced faculties.

Doubt Removal Classes:-

Our doubt removal classes are diligently designed and implemented to make education delivery efficient and effective. There are many doubts in the mind of students. In the doubt removal classes there will be our expert faculty member to sort out the problems which help students to advance in the syllabus with full confidence. These are conducted after completion of each topic and the student’s doubt are clarified to the grass roots level to ensure complete preparation. It helps to strength your fundamentals and paves your way towards success.

Result Oriented Test Series:-

This test series is an ideal tool to shape your preparation towards success. It not only gives you practice but also helps you develop the right temperament for the various competitive examination. This test will enable you to know the area you need more concentration and will guide you against actual mistake committed by you in the examination. Detailed performance evaluation analysis and feedback help in improving performance it is designed on the result oriented concept that will help you master in any competitive exams.

Competitive Environment:-

We believe that healthy competition help a child to grow. In this respect we provide intellectually pleasant and highly competitive environment which ensure perfect development of the students, we prepare you to realize your dream so that you can achieve your career. This competitive environment helps you to develop your problems solving skills and enhance your scoring ability.

Expertise Coaching:-

We believe to expertise student in all respect. We place priority on results, empowering our student to
act in an efficient manner. The primary goal of expertise coaching is to provide individual flexible personalities solutions which help students to learn efficiently and provide them an extra edge in highly competitive scenario. We offer an unmatched Depth of knowledge and experience to deliver successful and expedient resolution to your more challenging board examination. We provide with a perfect mix of various resource and human skills to produce outstanding results. We equip students with the knowledge and skill to reach their goals.

Counselling Session:-

For success in any competitive examination beyond subject knowledge, there are many other things which play a vital role. The counselling session are organized with the sole. objective of preparing our student completely so they can face challenges of competition with full confidence and competence. During counselling sessions our faculty team tackles all the problems of the students and build up in their minds for examination. They are instrumental in moral support

Motivational Awards:-

To boost the confidence of students we give award and medals to student on the basis of their performance in the scheduled test conducted by us. It’s just an attempt to help him to realize their hidden potential.

Biometric Attendance:-

Student’s safety is one of our topmost priority and keeping that in mind we have installed biometric attendance machine for students. A Student is expected to punch his finger print attendance on the biometric attendance machine at the time of entry into the Dev Tutorial campus and also at the time of exit. The parents are instantly notified with an SMS both at the students entry as well as exit time.

Fully CCTV Monitored Campus:-

For students and their valuable items likes bicycle and bikes. Our campus is fully monitored with CCTV Camera Including classroom, stares and parking area.

Transport :-

Dev Tutorial provides transport facility to their students atmost all the corner of the city. The transport system for students is to guard them against the vagaries of heat, dust and pollution while they travel from their house to Dev Tutorial campus. The monthly fare for students varies depending upon their distance from our campus.


Dev Tutorial dose not run any hostel of its own however, there are several good hostels in the vicinity of Dev Tutorial campus about which the parents get dependable information from the office front desk. The parents and guardians are advised to talk to the hostel management regarding their term and conditions and hostel boarding charges before admitting the child in the hostel.

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