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Dev Tutorial

Overview and mission

DEV TUTORIAL was established at Lucknow in 2002 with the goal of providing academic guidance to students aiming at excellence. DEV TUTORIAL is not just an institution but an education shelter for students, a helping hand, a friendly advice blended with quality education and always striving to provide complete solutions in the field of education.

DEV TUTORIAL has completed twenty years in academic services, especially guiding young students in their quest for a successful career. The main motive behind creating this institute was to develop a friendly atmosphere of guidance for overall development of the student for better future prospects. At DEV TUTORIAL special arrangements have been made for generating confidence among the students. Our faculty members are trained in a manner that students feel free to discuss their problems. The faculty members are experienced enough to tackle problems and to understand the student psyche. The members are highly energetic and totally dedicated to their work.

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About Us

Enjoy The Best
Experience Faculties

Highly qualified, experienced and trained faculties. Unmatched result in Entrance Exams. Exhaustive, relevant and original study material designed as per the pattern of Entrance Exams & Board exams. The Courses are completed to the satisfaction of the students well in time. Sufficient time is given for learning & revision between each dispatch. Part test and full test are also conducted by Dev Tutorial. Students are given RPPP to enhance their rank in competitive exams. Reporting to the students and their parents through SMS.

Why Us

Best Dev Tutorial

Dev Tutorial has separate  VI To VIII | IX & X | XI & XII  Division offering students guidance compared to the best in the country, we give the best and expert faculties for our integrated School Classroom Programme.
We are aware that there are a large number of bright and meritorious students in India who, with proper support and guidance, can successfully complete in various Engineering and Medical entrance exams. We are committed to nurture and develop hundreds of such students through our various programmes and schemes which offer substantive support and best available academic guidance by Top-notch faculties of India for various competitive exams.


Our Courses

6th to 8th

9th to 12th


Analytical And Fundamental Approach Towards Learning

At DEV TUTORIAL, we have a unique mentoring approach for fundamentals and logical learning through discussion oriented classes......

All Inclusive And Wide Range Of Study Materials

DEV TUTORIAL provides a comprehensive study materials of each subject for all classes of boards exams and specially...

Our Classroom

Our classroom is fully Air conditioned number of students in each class to get an improved teacher student ratio which....

Our Supporting Staff

Experienced and committed faculties for the students support. The students are encouraged to come any time...

Doubt Removal Classes

Our doubt removal classes are diligently designed and implemented to make education delivery efficient and effective....

Result Oriented Test Series

This test series is an ideal tool to shape your preparation towards success. It not only gives you practice but also helps you ....

Competitive Environment

We believe that healthy competition help a child to grow. In this respect we provide intellectually pleasant and highly competitive environment...

Expertise Coaching

We believe to expertise student in all respect. We place priority on results, empowering our student to act in an efficient manner...

Counselling Session

For success in any competitive examination beyond subject knowledge, there are many other things which play....

Motivational Awards

To boost the confidence of students we give award and medals to student on the basis of their performance...

Fully CCTV Monitored Campus

For students and their valuable items likes bicycle and bikes. Our campus is fully monitored with CCTV Camera Including classroom,

Biometric Attendance

Student’s safety is one of our topmost priority and keeping that in mind we have installed biometric attendance machine for students...


Dev Tutorial provides transport facility to their students atmost all the corner of the city. The transport system for students...


Dev Tutorial dose not run any hostel of its own however, there are several good hostels in the vicinity of Dev Tutorial campus about...

Why Join Dev Tutorial ?

  • Applying for Admission

    Admission of the Dev Tutorial have the opportunity to:
    1. Shape the strategic direction of the tutorial.
    2. Share and receive knowledge, information and expertise.


    Information and Enquiries If you have any questions regarding membership of the Global CCS tutorial, or would like to become a Member, please contact mailtodevtutorial@gmail.com

  • Application Process

    As per thectutorial Constitution, applications for Admission are assessed by the tutorial’s Board of Directors. The full statement of membership criteria and the assessment process is detailed within: Dev tutorial Constitution If you would further information on the Application Process, or to speak to one of our team in your region, please contact devtutorial.in

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Our Best Faculty Team

Every one want to learn from best faculty. We have best faculty for Each Subject for you with more the 12+ year experience.

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